Loncon 3 Progress Report Published

In Loncon 3 Progress Report #3 [PDF file, 11 MB] we learn many things. Here is a sampling of the esoterica.

(1) “Even Cthulhu can’t resist the call of DC17.” (Ad)

(2) The Exhibit Hall needs seating and they’re looking for anyone willing to sponsor a bench.

 [To] celebrate the classic novel Wizard of the Pigeons (by Robin Hobb as Megan Lindholm) we have decided to use street benches. We will affix a plaque with your words of choice (within reason) for £250/$350.

All the benches sponsored will be listed in the Souvenir Book, and the benches will be donated to worthy causes after the convention. The plaques can be returned to the sponsor, or a home found for them in the Science Fiction Foundation. For bench sponsorship details, contact [email protected]

(3) Two of the many exhibits on display at the Worldcon will be —

The Destruction of London: Drawing upon both the prophecies of medieval astrologers and soothsayers and modern science fiction and fantasy (Richard Jefferies, George Griffith, H. G. Wells, John Wyndham, Doctor Who), this display will look at some of the sinister ways the destruction of London has been imagined.

And —

Historical Thesaurus of English: This demonstration will show the Historical Thesaurus of English, the first resource in the world to offer a comprehensive semantic classification of the words forming the written record of any language. It covers 13 centuries of development from Old English to the present day. It is arranged in 230,000 detailed semantic categories containing almost 800,000 meanings. The HTE lets you see all the words used to express an idea over the years or look at the vocabulary available in a particular period: a veritable time traveller’s dictionary.

(4) “The Hugo Awards will have a definite British flavor,” they say. “Taking London as its theme, the pomp and pageantry of the ceremony will reach new heights. Don’t be surprised to see a little touch of royalty on stage!” Somebody’s already thought of having the Queen parasail into an event *coff*, though with all the Hugos we’ve given to Doctor Who maybe Steven Moffat could be persuaded to deliver her in a Tardis.