London in 2014 Names Worldcon Committee

About a month from now the votes will be counted and the unopposed London in 2014 bid will become a seated Worldcon. Progress Report Minus One lists the con’s leadership team.

Alice Lawson and Steve Cooper will co-chair the 72nd Worldcon.  

The Division Heads and their deputies will be:

Exhibits: Farah Mendlesohn.
Facilities: Mike Scott; (deputy: TR).
Hospitality: Eemeli Aro (deputies: Alison Scott and Patty Wells).
Programme: James Bacon (deputies: Liz Batty and Ian Stockdale).
Promotions: Nicholas Whyte (deputy: Paul Taylor).
Publications: Kees Van Toorn.
Services: Rita Medany (deputy: Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf).

The Events and Logistics division heads have yet to be confirmed.

Several departments will report directly to the chairs: Internet, John Harvey; Membership, Steve Lawson; Treasury, John Dowd; WSFS, Ben Yalow.

Presupporters are receiving postcard and e-mail notifications to let them know the PR is available.

[Via Ansible Links.]