LoneStarCon 3 Discs Ready

Syd Weinstein announces he has completed work on the LoneStarCon 3 DVD/BluRay discs. To order, see Sydweinstein.net/DVDs.

LoneStarCon3 Hugo awards – Available in Blu-Ray or DVD version

The Blu-Ray version is NTSC 720p High Definition as recorded on-site. The DVD version is a down convert to standard definition. Combo Packs include the DVD and the Blu-Ray copy.

LoneStarCon3 Masquerade – Available in Blu-Ray or DVD version

The Masquerade disc contains all of the presentations, including the young fans, as well as the awards and the two half time shows: Music with Leslie Fish and The Magic of Drew Heyen for over two hours of content. The presentations and the awards have been edited to add more views, stills, and complete credits for each costume.

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