LSC3 Coverage Off To Good Start‘s advance look at LoneStarCon 3 is accurate and inviting:

Don’t expect Comic-Con. You’d think an international convention dedicated to fantastic and far-out tales would look and feel just like the big Comic-Con International in San Diego. Wrong.

“Worldcon is the international convention of SF Fandom,” Cornell said via email, “which is really all about prose, from short stories to novels, while (Comic-Con) is about international media, still centering (no matter what people say) around comics. Don’t come expecting all the fun of the Comic-Con fair. Expect a lot of thoughtful panels, and a lot of authors.”

It’s intimate and volunteer-driven. While the heavily media-driven Comic-Con draws more than 120,000 fanboys and fangirls, the all-volunteer Worldcon typically pulls in 4,000. Cornell likens it to a huge church fete for SF’s devout.

Still, fewer people can make for a more meaningful experience.

“Because it’s a much smaller scale, your chances of having personal, memorable encounters with creators and media that you love are much greater,” Picacio said.

Not that the con is going to lack star power altogether, says the article, pointing to George R.R. Martin and Charlaine Harris as two authors on the LSC3 program who have gained fame from TV adaptations of their work.

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  1. Quite true. But I think you and I have read enough from Cornell to know he has been a lot harsher on conventions and fandom in other contexts. I interpreted it as doing the civil thing…

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