3 thoughts on “Lugosi Remembered

  1. Of course, for me it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the real Lagosi from Martin Landau’s portrayal in the movie, “Ed Wood.” I never saw a Dracula movie all the way through, and 98% of what I remember of Lagosi is from watching “Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein” over and over again. Because it was a comedy, it was the only “horror” movie I had any use for. (There was certainly nothing frightening about it, not even Dracula.) So say “Bela Lagosi” to me and it’s Martin Landau shouting “Pull the stings” in the street to a crowd of randomly collected passers-by, or weeping because he’s all out of smack. And, where else do you see all that but in “Ed Wood.” Thank you Mr. Burton. Even if it was mainly lies…

  2. Lugosi is in a W.C.Feilds film titled INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, playing a man who “vants to squeeze her neck”, in reference to his “ex” wife. He could have done more, but he was disinclined to learn English properly, and relied on his near perfect diction skills.

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