Lunacon Chair Resigns

Mark Richards has resigned as chair of Lunacon 2016. He made this public announcement on Facebook:

It’s with a considerable measure of sadness that I take this step. My position as Chair has become politically and organizationally untenable. While I can go into detail as to the whys and wherefores that have made it impossible for me to continue, I would prefer to leave that discussion for another time and place.

I do not feel that the circumstances under which Lunacon and Lunarians are currently operating will allow me to continue with the lead in presenting the type of convention I envisioned when I took on this task. I feel I am no longer in a position where I can contribute positively to Lunacon.

As I do not anticipate those circumstances changing in the immediate future (or at least soon enough to matter), I feel I must step aside. I am proud of what I have accomplished, such as the choices I made for guests of honor. I hope that what input I have made contributes to the success of the convention….

The convention is scheduled to take place March 18-20 at the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook, New York.

Stuart C. Hellinger, President, New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians (2), Inc. wrote that the organization will soon make an official response.

Richards was named chair of Lunacon 2016 last January. The Lunarians skipped the 2015 edition of the con in order to reorganize and address financial issues.

8 thoughts on “Lunacon Chair Resigns

  1. We thank Mr. Richards for his service and the Board of Directors hopes to be able to name his replacement shortly.

    -Stuart C. Hellinger
    President, New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians (2), Inc.

  2. @Peace is My Middle Name:
    To quote the ad for the 2nd season of Twelve Monkeys, Whah whah WHAH!!

  3. This is why I have such respect for No. 6 from “The Prisoner.”
    Storm into the office, slam your resignation on the desk, stomp out, never say another word about it.
    End of scene.

  4. David: I just hope Richards doesn’t drive back to his house in Mayfair and gets a load of purple gas through the letter box.

  5. Damn. I just made my hotel reservation for the con. The sole perk as an honorary member (1996, complete with Little Looney statuette) is a lifetime free membership in the convention. I joined Lunarians in 1961.

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