MAC II Exhausts Hotel Room Blocks

Fans trying to make reservations for the 2016 Worldcon today reported it was not possible to book a room for MidAmeriCon in any of their hotels.

The committee posted this explanation on the MAC II webpage.

Due to unprecedented demand for hotel rooms at a Worldcon, our original hotel blocks were filled more quickly than expected. We are in the process of expanding our current blocks to accommodate all of you! We will announce when additional space becomes available, and you might want to check back in a few days as well.

If you have a specific issue with your reservation, write to, but please note that they are already aware of the filled room blocks and are working tirelessly to alleviate this situation.

12 thoughts on “MAC II Exhausts Hotel Room Blocks

  1. As an inveterate con-goer, I’m seeing this more and more. Particularly for World SF and World Fantasy, rooms on peak nights are going fast. I’ve also heard of people booking multiple rooms “just to be safe” and then letting those reservations go after the deadlines for convention-rate reservations have passed since there is no penalty. Last year in Saratoga Springs a friend proudly told me how they had three room reservations but they had canceled them in favor of some other option. I ended up paying over $200 extra for my room because the official convention block was sold out. I think some conventions will have to compel their hotels to charge a single night NON REFUNDABLE deposit to stop such foolishness.

  2. Glad we booked early.

    I wonder if they underestimated demand or if demand is crazy-high for some reason this year.

  3. I’d be interested in hearing from folks that have already made their reservations: did you book extra just to make sure to have options? Did you find you could only get part of the run of dates you wanted?
    Mostly I’ll be fascinated to see, when all is said and done, whether this very early high demand is real. Or is there going to be a flurry of late cancelations and consternations closer to the date?

  4. I was talking with the person who has made hotel reservations for our group (fannishly, we’re sharing a room) last night, and he said that he tried to make reservations for all the Worldcon days plus one day either side in one of the Worldcon hotels (don’t remember which one(s)), and was told we’d have to switch rooms twice over the course of the long weekend. It was impossible to get all the nights in the same room. So he booked a room at a non-official hotel (for 2 or 300 bucks more). And then the block expanded, and he was able to get us a room which included the edge days (in the furthest-away official hotel, whichever that is), so he canceled the non-official hotel. Sorry that this is all so vague, but I frankly was much more concerned about whether we’d have rooms at all, and how expensive they’d be, then where they were, just so long as they were walkable.

  5. Cally: fannishly, we’re sharing a room

    I’m really starting to look forward to MAC II. It was really nice at Sasquan to meet some of the people I’d gotten to know a bit here on File770 over the previous 4-5 months — but MAC II will be after spending more than a year in the File770 community, and it will be wonderful to spend time around some of the really intelligent, insightful, and witty people I’ve gotten to know here.

    Having said that, I don’t think I could deal with a hotel room of 4 or 6 or 8 people (unless I was very, very good friends with them all). I’m one of those people who is quite social, but who has to periodically go off by myself for a while to recoup and recharge. 🙂

  6. I’ve stayed (for shorter periods of time) with these folks before, and they’re civilized roommates who don’t insist on being all communicative when you’re trying to sleep or get caught up on email. Which helps a lot. Also, I plan to use the room basically for sleeping, showering, and changing clothes, and spend almost all the rest of the time at the convention itself. When I need introvert time, my plan is to find a quiet corner and read for a while. Probably in the consuite, or perhaps the fan lounge. This plan may not work for people who need more concentrated introvert time than I do, though.

  7. Cally: This plan may not work for people who need more concentrated introvert time than I do, though.

    I think that my biggest problem in terms of room-sharing is that in order for me to be able to get quality sleep, it has to be very quiet, dark and still. My roommate at Sasquan snored very loudly all night (and I could still hear it despite silicon earplugs which block up to 22db). I can’t sleep in cars, or on buses, or trains, or planes.

    So I just have to suck it up and shell out the extra money to get a place where I have some possibility of actually getting sleep — especially this year, when it’s really important for me, despite being a night owl, to get up and go to the Business Meetings in the morning. 😉

  8. I got a room with an extra double bed, so if there turns out that someone else has a problem getting a room, do tell me.

  9. It looks like they have expanded the room block by adding The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center which as they say on their hotel page is “about 1.5 miles from the convention center.” I’m not sure how to convert that into Standlees.

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