MAC II Hotel Booking To Open in January

MidAmeriCon II, the 2016 Worldcon to be held in Kansas City, anticipates convention hotel booking will open “around January 25”. The committee expects to announce the exact date within the next few days.

The con hotels are the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, the Aladdin, the Hotel Phillips and the Crowne Plaza. Room rates range from $119 to $134 a night.

To get a feel for where the hotels are in relation to the convention center, the committee has annotated a Google street view [PDF file] that shows what a person sees if standing at the main entrance of the convention center looking away towards the Marriott, Aladdin, and Crowne Plaza.

MAC II’s Access department will create descriptions of the routes from the hotels to the convention center this spring. They report all of the street crossings between the hotels and the convention center have curb cuts, and are controlled by traffic lights.

A lottery will be conducted for the available suites if requests outnumber the supply. See the website for details. However, the committee reminds members that parties will be held in the Fan Fair in the convention center, as explained in the Party Packet.

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