Man-Kzin Authors Interviewed

Congratulations to Joy V. Smith for her fine interviews of two contributors to the Man-Kzin Wars anthology series (created by Larry Niven) in Expressions 107 (May 2009).

Joy says, “The latest volume, Man-Kzin Wars XII (Baen, 2009), includes two great stories, ‘Aquila Advenio’ and ‘String,’ co-written by Hal Colebatch & Matthew Joseph Harrington; in both stories, humans and Kzin team up.” She interviewed each of the collaborators – who have never met in person! — the Australian Colebatch and the Californian Harrington:

MJH: My first story ever sold was to Larry Niven for Man-Kzin Wars series – which, given that the authors up to then were such lights as Poul Anderson, Dr. Jerry Pournelle, Hal Colebatch, Dean Ing, and Donald Kingsbury, was a sensation not unlike showing up for a draft physical and being inducted into the Justice League…