Mark Plummer at Strange Horizons

Mark Plummer of Banana Wings has launched a new column about fandom, “Paraphernalia”, at Strange Horizons. Mark’s opening installment takes Susan Wood’s old “Clubhouse” column in Amazing and her experiences at the first Aussiecon (1975) as the starting point to compare science fiction fandom then and now. It’s a fine read.

Strange Horizons is a weekly web-based sf magazine publishing fiction and features. Editor Niall Harrison says “The idea is that Mark will be writing about fans and fandom, trying to do a little bit to bridge the gap there seems to be between different fannish worlds these days.” Columnists are on an 8-week rotation, so Mark’s next appearance will be in August.

Mark is off to a flying start.

3 thoughts on “Mark Plummer at Strange Horizons

  1. That’s nice… I read the piece and found it reasonably interesting, but now I’ll never go back to Strange Horizons again to read another installment. Why is that? Was I offended? No… it’s just that the URL is another one of thousands of billions clogging the intenet that I’ll forget as soon as I sign off the computer tonight. I do have a few bookmarked sites — mainly those where I post my own words and images, some pages to keep up with developments at NASA, the CBC news & weather, and some other oddities. But read – quote – magazines on line? Never! Like Mark, I prefer my liesure reading on paper. If we’re lucky he’ll reprint the columns in Banana Wings and make them “really” published.

  2. Thanks Mike – great to see this column, obviously always makes me happy to see fan elements to online sites. Having Mark is a great idea.
    Taral – that’s a shame SH has occasionally very good stuff and Niall Harrison the editor has a blog there. I followed him avidly on Torque Control and although occasionally disagreed with his opinion – always enjoyed his writing and do on SH. Worth book marking IMHO.

  3. Aussiecon One. Susan Wood. Bob Tucker.

    Some bittersweet memories there. I remember it well, but sadly many who were there are no longer with us. *Sigh*

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