Martha Wells Wins at 2018 DBW Awards

Digital Book World announced the winners of the 2018 DBW Awards during a ceremony at the #DBW18 conference in Nashville on Oct. 2. The award’s 51 categories include the best sf and horror books —

Best Book (Science Fiction)

  • Artificial Condition (Martha Wells)

Best Book (Horror)

  • Gilchrist: A Novel (Christian Galacar)

Other categories with results that may be of interest to Filers include —

Publisher of the Year

  • Dark Horse

Trade Publisher of the Year

  • Macmillan

Children’s Publisher of the Year

  • Disney Publishing

Corporate Publisher of the Year

  • NASA

Publishing Executive of the Year (Tie)

  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon
  • Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks

4 thoughts on “Martha Wells Wins at 2018 DBW Awards

  1. I LOVE murderbot, but Amazon is asking too much money. All four of the novellas, which add up to about a novel in length, is $33 on KINDLE.
    By comparison, I bought David Weber’s latest Honor Harrington (I’m guessing his last due to subject matter)(I bought the ARC from Baen) was $9.99
    So I’ll wait until the Merideth Moment to finish off Murderbot.

  2. @Techgrrl —

    I feel the same way about the pricing — but all the Murderbot novellas are selling VERY well on Amazon despite the high prices, so the publishers are laughing all the way to the bank.

    I was also waiting for markdowns — but then this weekend I checked out Scribd. I do almost all my “reading” through audio, and despite having the biggest class of membership at Audible, I still buy extra credits constantly. But at Scribd you pay a $9.99 monthly fee for **unlimited** listening — or reading. They have both audio and print. And there’s a free month’s trial.

    I’ve already listened to Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol, and Binti: Night Masquerade, and I started Exit Strategy last night. That’s about $40 of listening — all for free! I generally prefer to own files rather than renting them, but for this kind of savings I am willing to put up with the trade-off.

    It might be worth it to you to check them out!

  3. @Contrarius – Thanks for the reminder. I’m an Audible subscriber and always have trouble trying to use up my credits. I might look into that.

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