Martin Interview at Chicon 7

Mo Ryan of the Huffington Post interviewed George R.R. Martin on the program at Chicon 7. Steven H Silver adds:

About three minutes before the panel, I brought Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me into the room and introduced him to Mo, asking her to make sure he was introduced to George.  More than that, she invited Peter to be on the panel.

A podcast recording of the whole panel is here.

Ryan’s blog post summarizing the panel is here.

47 minutes [in]: Martin talks about using magic sparingly in his tales. “A little magic goes a long way,” he said, noting that there’s not a ton of “on-stage magic” in “The Lord of the Rings.” And he said he much prefers alluding to magic that is “strange and unknowable” rather than constructing a “system” of magic, which he called “fake science.” “Magic is cooler to my mind when it’s dangerous,” Martin said.

Good to know Peter Sagal made it to Chicon 7 after all, despite having withdrawn as a special guest due to a commitment to film a documentary in Reykjavik.