11 thoughts on “Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Official Trailer

  1. Mark-Kitteh: That is some amazing work you linked. I’m not sure I would call it trolling, as several people do, but I agree that it was epic-level work.

    Also, like many commenters, I feel weirdly old now.

    (one of my first jobs was at a video store.)

  2. @Lenora Rose: tape or disk? I remember a year of bringing tapes to a shut-in friend coping with a long illness, back when they cost so much that having a couple stolen out of my car seriously hurt. (I also remember seeing a lot of before-my-birth movie musicals; it was an educational year.)

  3. VHS mostly (And some games, including on disc). And yes, some tapes cost an eye opening amount new, though we sold off the dozen extra rental copies for cheap when the movie came off the “new shelf”, and would sell select older titles based on their rental record crossed with the ability to replace them (that’s how I got the Fox version of My Neighbour Totoro, which still has a VASTLY better dub.) And the companies making them had figured this out and would offer copies for sale at a lower price a few months after the initial rentals were available, or of “classic” titles. (How I got the ‘Best of the Muppet Show” tapes, when those were the only ones you could get at all). Basically, you paid premium up front if you wanted it both New and Now.

    DVDs were the hot new thing about a year into my stint there, so the boss gave that section to his second, C., to build up and curate on a separate monetary stream, on the theory that aside from new releases, the market would be slightly different, and the other guy knew that audience better. So the DVD section was more artsy, with Criterion Collection and special edition stuff and both cult and actual classics, and a more informed anime section. (C. also picked up some x-rated movies and kept them in a binder behind the counter, a decision that as a female clerk having to offer that up to men, I really disapproved.)

    It also meant C. took all his DVDs with him, which was pretty much everything but the copies of new releases we’d normally be setting aside or selling off, when their brief but extremely nasty blowup happened. Fortunately, that was the only real drama at the place, and it blew over fast.

    We were actually less than half a block from Blockbuster and holding our own nicely for as long as the guy who owned it felt like running it. I think it closed within 5 years of my leaving, but because he was less interested and could see the writing on the wall.

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