Masked Filers’ Cats Sleep on SFF: Stars Beyond by S.K. Dunstall

JJ’s cat does all the memes alongside a copy of Stars Beyond by S.K. Dunstall.

With everyone cooped up at home, people are coming up with novel ways of amusing themselves, and I’m no exception. I’m sure that you can guess just how the credential felt about this. No cats were harmed (affronted, yes, but not harmed) in the making of this meme. Treats were liberally applied following the photo session.

If you want to see this series continue, send photos of your mask and social distancing reads to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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6 thoughts on “Masked Filers’ Cats Sleep on SFF: Stars Beyond by S.K. Dunstall

  1. Bonnie McDaniel: Heh. Hope the credential didn’t get too mad at you, JJ.

    He’s been with me 18 years, and he was trained from the time he was a rescue baby to sit quietly on my lap and get his claws trimmed in exchange for getting treats afterwards. I suspect that his internal monologue goes something like “<rolleyes> oh brother, what’s she up to now? There’d better be treats in this for me.”

    That fluffy blue velour blanket is electric, and it’s been turned on pretty much 24/7 for the last 8 weeks, on the bed at night and over me on the couch during the day, so he spends the vast majority of his days and nights sleeping on the warm blankie next to me, with food and pets on demand. 😀

  2. Chip Hitchcock: So how was the book?

    I’m not finding a past comment where you say you’ve read the first one, so if you haven’t, you will definitely want to read Stars Uncharted first and see if it’s your “thing”.

    The premise involves a couple of major “gimmes”: transgalactic travel, and programmable genemod machines, which given precious rare elements can remake or repair a person’s physique and appearance within a matter of hours or days, depending on how extensive a change/repair is needed. If you’re willing to suspend disbelief for those, the books are a fun adventure. There’s very much a “motley crew” of found family element to the stories, but they’re way edgier than the Wayfarers books.

    I also went back and read the author’s* first Linesman trilogy, which I also enjoyed, but it’s more handwavy and perhaps a little less polished than the newer series — but nevertheless very fast, enjoyable reading.

    (S.K. Dunstall is actually two co-author siblings)

  3. @JJ: Meme squared FTW! 😀 Great shot of this cautious kitty with reading material. 😉

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