Masked Filers Don’t Sleep on SFF: Physicians of Vilnoc

It’s not easy to come up with a pet photo that isn’t qualified for either of File 770’s meme series but Contrarius rose to the challenge:

Doesn’t fit your pet series because no sff AND no mask, but I couldn’t resist sharing anyway. She is but one of many chicks getting too big for their brooders in my house right now, and yesterday she figured out how to break out and decided that she was a person. Visited me yesterday and today, so today I took a pic. Tried to get one of her sitting beside my Kindle Fire with the cover of Physicians of Vilnoc on the screen, but I couldn’t get the cover to show in the pic and she didn’t really appreciate all the maneuvering. So here she is, just being a lap chicken. 😉

Sadly, she’s a very bad example of her breed (cream Brabanter). But I’m not holding it against her!

If you want to see this series continue (not because it’s easy, but because it is hard), send photos of your mask and social distancing reads to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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6 thoughts on “Masked Filers Don’t Sleep on SFF: Physicians of Vilnoc

  1. Much cuter than the chickens I helped butcher this week. A little over 6 weeks ago they were cute week or so old chicks, but they were broilers. By this week they were lumps of chicken meat that could barely move. Well, they had as good a life as that kind of chicken can have, and I have 2 chickens worth of parts in my fridge for helping pluck, gut, and part out a baker’s dozen. Later today I’ll repackage them to freeze.

  2. Sorry guys, I’m currently at my parents’ house working on clearing it out, and I didn’t even know that Mike had posted my pic til just now. Thanks for the kind words! All the brooder chicks have now been broken out of brooder jail and are in much larger accommodations, but since I’m not at home I don’t know how this particular girl is feeling about the change.

    And no butchering for this girl! She is a (pre-) layer and also — obvs — an ornamental. This is one of my favorite breeds — intelligent and inquisitive, which she is showing in spades!

    (And if you’re wondering, she is a bad example because she is lacking in the beard and muff that she ought to have — that bare little chin of hers should be covered in small black feathers!)

  3. Contrarius: And no butchering for this girl! She is a layer

    You’re going to need to be checking your slippers for eggs. I’ll put a tenner on her deciding that your house is her house. 😀

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