Meet Carl Slaughter

The prolific Carl Slaughter is bringing his love of books and interest in their authors to File 770. (Your TBR pile is fated to grow!) His first interview, “Steve Bein Tells the Origin of the Fated Blades”, posts tonight.

Carl Slaughter has a degree in journalism and radio/tv.  For several years, he was editor of ESL Book Review. He was a stringer for the Associated Press.

He wrote many reviews for Tangent before moving to Diabolical Plots as a reviewer and later an interviewer. He conducted 50 plus interviews for Diabolical Plots before moving to SF Signal. He contributed 70 plus interviews and features for SF Signal.  He developed new features for SF Signal, such as author, book, and series profiles.

For the past 14 years, he has traveled the globe teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in 6 counties on 3 continents. Carl has traveled to 18 countries and counting. (He’s tired.) His essay on Chinese culture was published in Beijing Review. His essay on Korean culture was published in The Korea Times, as was his expose on the Korean ESL industry. His travel/education reports about Thailand occasionally appear on the Ajarn website.

6 thoughts on “Meet Carl Slaughter

  1. Aha! When I saw the top headline, I immediately grokked where Carl had transplanted his interviews in the wake of SF Signal’s closing.

  2. I was unfamiliar with Carl Slaughter’s work. Having now read his piece on The Fated Blades, I’m afraid he’s going to be adding stacks and stacks of books to Mount File770. In other words, welcome, Carl!

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