Melanie Tem (1949-2015)

Melanie Tem. Photo by Debra Lee.

Melanie Tem. Photo by Debra Lee.

Fantasy and horror author Melanie Tem died February 9.

She won the British Fantasy Association’s Icarus Award in 1992 as best newcomer, and her first novel, Prodigal, was honored with a Bram Stoker Award.

Together with her husband, Steve Rasnic Tem, she wrote “The Man on the Ceiling,” winner of the World Fantasy, Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild awards in 2001. When the story was expanded to book-length in 2008 it was nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award.

Her novels include Prodigal (1991), Blood Moon (1992), Wilding (1992) Revenant (1994), Desmodus (1995) (a Tiptree Award nominee), The Tides (1996), Black River (1997), Slain in the Spirit (2002), The Deceiver (2003) and The Yellow Wood (2015).

She collaborated on Making Love (1993) and Witch-Light (1996) with Nancy Holder, Daughters (2001) with Steve Rasnic Tem, and What You Remember I Did (2011) with Janet Berliner.

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  1. I would have expected this post to have been tagged with Melanie Tem’s own name, rather than her husband’s. Or her name and Steve Rasnic Tem’s, surely?

  2. I was going to explain this inconsistency until I spotted as copyediting mistake, and as long as I was fixing the post anyway I added a tag for her name. After all, I may think it’s unlikely there will be another news item about her, but who knows?

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