Melbourne Hosts Zombie Convention

The first Melbourne Zombie Convention sold 600 tickets, says the organizer, Jason Beks, who also runs a hire-a-zombie business on the side.

“There is a bit of demand for them at the moment,” he said. “Once upon a time it used to be strippers, but now when we’re doing things like bucks parties or hens nights, people are wanting a dead presence there. I’m not entirely sure what the appeal is.”

But attendees were happy to explain it to a reporter from The Age —

Kelly Crue said her 10-year-old daughter had helped her get ready in a white gown encrusted with crimson.

A fan of demon horror such as The Exorcist, the suburban mum explained the zombie attraction as the thrill of “being dead and coming out of the grave and wanting to eat brains”.

Special effects artist Chantelle Lenora said the popularity of the genre had taken off from the television series The Walking Dead.”

Everyone loves the idea of a zombie apocalypse, which is weird.”

No doubt about it.

[Thanks to Janice Gelb for the story.]