Memories From Matheson’s Publisher

Gauntlet Press publisher Barry Hoffman has penned a highly interesting, story-filled tribute to the late Richard Matheson

Lastly (I could relate dozens of anecdotes), there was his aversion (early on) to dustjackets for his books. The first book of Richard’s we published was I Am Legend. He wanted just a red cover with his signature stamped on the front cover along with a blue slipcase. When I prepared to publish Hell House I asked him what color cover did he desire. He said to make it just like Legend, red with a blue slipcase. I mentioned this to his son, Richard Christian Matheson, whom I had become friendly with. R.C. almost screamed through the phone, “Hell House can’t be red!!! It has to be black with a black slipcase.” I persuaded R.C. to talk it over with his father. Richard called me and agreed to the black book/black slipcase. He then paused a few seconds. “What is the next book going to be … pink?”

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]