Memories of D Potter

D Potter at “New York is Book Country,” mid-1980s. Photo by and copyright © Andrew Porter

People are sharing memories of the late D Potter, a long-time fanzine fan who passed away October 25 in Oakland.

She lived in New York in the early 1980s, when these photos by Andrew Porter were taken.

That also was the period when she was Fan GoH at Balticon 16. It occurred to me they must have run a bio of her in the program book, and BSFS’ Dale Arnold very kindly connected me with this wonderful 1982 tribute by Avedon Carol.

D Potter (right). Photo by and copyright © Andrew Porter

3 thoughts on “Memories of D Potter

  1. I was never close to D., but I saw her a number of times at rec.arts.sf.fandom get-togethers in the SF Bay Area, back when those were a thing; and at Debbie Notkin’s New Years house parties.

    I remember meeting her by chance in a Trader Joe’s, and telling her that I was going to move to Houston. This was in 2009. I didn’t know at the time it was the last time I would see her.

  2. My goodness, I’d forgotten I’d written that. It’s all true, though. I’m so crushed to lose her. Loved that woman.

    Oh, yeah, she used to refer to that building on Broadway Terrace as “Broadway Terrors”. She talked that way all the time.

  3. I was active in ALPS for many years and met Nina/D through that venue. I loved her apa contributions, her attitude, wide open and yet somehow anonymous stories always amused. A standout favorite contributor. D once visited me at my home on 17th Ave in San Francisco, around 1990-92, whereupon discovering my Z gauge train layout she sat down and played with it…for a long time. I was delighted by her obvious delight…and I was sorry to have never crossed paths with her before or since that time.

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