MidAmeriCon II Membership Offer

Over Memorial Day Weekend Only, the 2016 Worldcon will be offering a special Weekend (Fri-Sun) Pass* for $150 (*Weekend passes do not include Hugo Award or Site Selection Voting rights.)

Or for just $50 more you can purchase a Full Attending Membership (Wed-Sun) which gives you two more days of programming and events, ability to attend the Retro Hugo Swing Dance plus voting rights for the Hugo Awards and the option to vote in Site Selection.

This offer will be available online (and in person at ConQuesT and Balticon) Friday, May 27 through Monday, May 30.

4 thoughts on “MidAmeriCon II Membership Offer

  1. Wow, despite MidAmeriCon I being where I first my wife (I remember her puppy in the lobby of the Muehlebach even though I don’t remember her*), I guess I don’t feel the need to revisit KC at the end of this summer.

    *Don’t worry, the following summer, she remembers my dog but not me, when we met again at a convention in Detroit. Kind of like ‘When Harry Met Sally‘, but without Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a $10 discount for a full attending membership.

  3. It’s my understanding that weekend passes also do not include rights to vote at the Business Meetings.

  4. @JJ

    True. The weekend passes are roughly equivalent to 3 single day passes combined and, thus, don’t come with Hugo, Site Selection, or Business Meeting rights. Since, once we get going, badge checking is going to be difficult, the Meeting will run, as we did at Sasquan, on the honor system.

    -Jared Dashoff
    Presiding Officer
    MAC2 Business Meeting

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