MidAmeriCon Posts Progress Report #3

The 2016 Worldcon, MidAmeriCon II, has made Progress Report #3 available in electronic format at the convention’s website. It’s a free read, and can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF file.

Members who requested printed publications will receive copies in the mail.

Feature articles include John L. Coker III’s collection of excerpts about the 1941 Worldcon, Denvention, the hypothetical award year for the Retro Hugos which MACII members are voting on. Forry Ackerman, Walter J. Daugherty, Erle Korshak, Bob Madle, and Julius Schwartz are in the mix.

And Mike Williams advises about the wealth of dining opportunities within reach of the convention center.

PR# 3 includes voting forms for the 2016 Hugo Award and 1941 Retro Hugo Award, as well as the 2018 Worldcon Site Selection Ballot and 2017 NASFiC Site Selection Ballot. There is also a list of confirmed program participants; and information on all aspects of the convention including the Exhibit Hall, party arrangements, Art Show and Childcare.