Missouri Hall of Fame Poll Analysis

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover there has been block voting in an internet poll.

The Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons claims credit for the election of the profession’s founder, Andrew Taylor Still to the Missouri Hall of Fame this week.

…Still significantly outdistanced second place finisher Robert Heinlien, a science fiction writer from Bolivar, Missouri. Still led the voting nearly the entire month, but was surprisingly passed by Heinlien with about five days of voting left. Apparently, a popular science fiction writer was successful in ensuring thousands of votes from his fans. MAOPS quickly mobilized the profession and within 48 hours, Still had regained the lead which he kept until voting stopped at midnight October 31.

How strange that the writer is incapable of spelling Heinlein correctly despite the name appearing on the poll result under Still’s.

And wherever Heinlein is right now, it’s not in Bolivar orchestrating his campaign for the Hall of Fame. He died in 1988. I hope for the sake of their patients that Missouri osteopaths are doing better work than is reflected on their professional website.

4 thoughts on “Missouri Hall of Fame Poll Analysis

  1. Spent a few years not knowing how to spell the name, often going for Heinlien, just getting some of it correct.

    Here, it is “E before I”. Another rule breaker. Suppose RAH knew this on some level? You wonder if he raised his hand and class and reported his name to the teacher about that “i before e” rule?

  2. It’s a rule of German to prounce “ei” as a long-I. Considering how many Germans lived in Missouri back in the day it probably wasn’t an issue. Everybody from the Civil War vets who boasted “I fights mit Siegel” to Augie Busch…

  3. Interesting question. I just checked — none of the other finalists had a Bolivar connection, so it wasn’t a transposition of something from their biographies.

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