Montreal’s “What the Fur?” Ends Its Run

What the Fur (WTF?), a Montreal furry con, held its final event over the last weekend of July. The reason given was lack of volunteers to pick up the reins.

That leaves Otakuthon as the city’s only non-commercial con.

A fan has started a GoFundMe to help Feli (Christopher Pilgrim) pay the bills. It has raised $455 of its $5,000 goal as of this writing. However, the slow response may be because Christopher Pilgrim made no such request in his farewell comments and, in fact, said he was proud that this year’s con had managed to give over $900 to charity.

[Thanks to Cathy Palmer-Lister for the story.]

3 thoughts on “Montreal’s “What the Fur?” Ends Its Run

  1. @Darren: what I’ve heard them say is “You can always count on the cheap seats.” (Thank you, Harry Chapin.)

  2. Lack of volunteers and staff was one of the main reasons for the decision to fold the convention. There were a lot of other reasons in the background that contributed, however. Some of which are publicly known, others which shall, for professional reasons, remain undiscussed. But in the end, the decision to close up shop was the right one, and we went out with a bang.

    As for the fundraising thing, I’m not opposed to people donating to the cause. But I won’t be going out of my way to beg for money.

    And, there is already talk from some of the younger people in the local furry fandom about starting something up again in a few years. Who knows what’ll happen, eh?

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