More Bundles for Britain

When Strange Horizons announced its latest fundraising drive, Dave Langford admitted he, too, is willing to take money, even though “Ansible is too Britishly embarrassed to attempt large-scale soliciting.”

It had never occurred to me to give Dave money (or any of the rest of you, either, but get back to me when you win your 20th Hugo). Once I saw the error of my ways — I’ve been freeloading online for years! — I raced to his PayPal Tip Jar Thingy and dispatched enough digital wealth to keep him supplied with pixels for at least a day or two. Go, thou, and do likewise.

4 thoughts on “More Bundles for Britain

  1. When did we start getting paid for fanac? Sign me up right up — I figure that with the amount of fanac I do, I might become fiendishly rich!

  2. Semipro! Where we’ll all get rich like the two castaways selling each other Panama hats!

  3. I learned from Forry to “read every last word.” (If you’d put the link in the middle of the issue, who knows what might have happened?)

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