Mowatt Wins TAFF

Jim Mowatt will be the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate to LoneStarCon 3.

Here is TAFF co-administrator John Coxon’s press release —

It is the pleasure of the TAFF administrators to announce the end of voting in the westbound TAFF race for 2013. Theresa Derwin and Jim Mowatt have both been excellent candidates who have kept TAFFing through some tough patches, but unfortunately there can be only one delegate.

Jim Mowatt is the winner of this year’s Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and will represent European fandom in a trip that takes him throughout North America. He will be appearing at LoneStarCon 3, in San Antonio, Texas, USA, amongst other fannish destinations yet to be confirmed.

The administrators would like to thank both candidates for their patience and good humour throughout the voting period. We wish Jim a fantastic trip to San Antonio and other amazing locales!

TAFF is the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and has been sending sf fans across the Atlantic Ocean since 1952 or 1955, depending on who you ask. The official unofficial TAFF website is at and we can be found on Facebook at or on Twitter as @TAFFnews.

For the full race results, keep an eye on or for the next edition of the TAFF newsletter, which will contain information on the EightSquaredCon fan fund auction as well as the full voter breakdown for this race.

Don’t look for the voting totals in the official announcement. You won’t find them. Even though they must have been calculated to decide the winner. After weeks of reminders to VOTE FOR TAFF VOTE FOR TAFF VOTE FOR TAFF it’s a bit anticlimactic not to know how close the race was or how many fans participated.

8 thoughts on “Mowatt Wins TAFF

  1. Jim certainly put up an energetic and aggressive campaign. He’s to be congratulated for it. Teresa, by comparison, started well but after a fairly short campaign seemed to leave the field. I hope it wasn’t because she felt her participation in TAFF was resented by anyone?

  2. Well, Theresa posted this on her twitter feed so it looks like she’s running again:

    Think it’s all over? It is now #TAFF @TAFF until 2015, when I’ll be running again. Congrats to @jimmowatt

  3. “You haf no choice! You veel elect me der TAFF candidate!” Maybe that’s what I should have done when I lost to Avedon Carol, several decades ago.

  4. Of course, if Helsinki wins the bid in San Antonio, the 2015 winner would presumably travel to the NAsFiC?

  5. Nic: If there are two European Worldcons in a row, I’d express the hope that the TAFF administrators would take advantage of that by running an eastbound race to Finland in 2015. That could either be a stand-alone race, or combined with a westbound race in the same year (as happened in 1997), but a race to a Finnish Worldcon will almost certainly result in more interest in the fund and raise more money than a race to a NASFiC would.

    Mike: We could, of course, have made Jim and Theresa suffer until we’d had a chance to put together the newsletter with the results of the vote, but we’re not sadists.

  6. Well said, John. I thought the final graph of this story was remarkably snotty. Mike has a conveniently short memory for the much longer time that some previous TAFF admins have taken to publish the results.

  7. Yes, Andy, I can always count on you for lessons in good fellowship. Who did you learn from, Greg Pickersgill?

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