Murray Leinster Bio On the Way

Will F. Jenkins was so successful writing science fiction under the name Murray Leinster that it’s his nom de plume who’s the subject of a biography.

Murray Leinster: The Life and Works by Billee J. Stallings and Jo-an J. Evans is forthcoming from McFarland. James Gunn provides a foreword, and the volume includes 40 photos

The authors are Jenkins’ youngest daughters. Stallings, who lives in Moorestown, New Jersey, will be on the Readercon program July 14-17. She is active in historical preservation. Her sister, Jo-an J. Evans, has written about fashion and design. She lives in London.

Murray Leinster’s private and literary life are examined, from his first writings for The Smart Set and early pulp magazines such as Argosy, Amazing Stories and Astounding Stories, through SF’s Golden Age and to his death in 1975. He produced 1,500 published short stories and 100 books during his career. The biographical volume also features a short story and essay by Leinster, as well as previously unpublished poetry and letters.

[Thanks to John Hertz for the story.]

Update 06/29/2011: Corrected spelling of publisher — thanks Bill Warren!

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