MUTTS To Play the Kennedy Center!

MUTTS 052101_tribBy James H. Burns: For years now, MUTTS has been my all time fave comic strip.

Greeting the morning with a reading of that day’s Patrick McDonnell strip is a grand way to start the day.

The epoch follows Mooch the cat, Earl the dog, their humans, some birds, some squirrels… (Actually, the environs seem a lot like what my life used to be!)

McDonnell is something of a glorious genius, someone whose compassion seems as strong as his talent and imagination.

…And some years back, he wrote this wonderful small book, The Gift of Nothing, petite in only its length; certainly not its grace, or warmth.

And now my pals Mooch and Earl will be dancing across a stage, and I’m certain into quite a few more hearts.

(Through the years, MUTTS has also presented some lovely surrealistic sequences, as well as a delightfully depicted series of tributes to and evocations of the history of super heroes, and other comic art!)

The show runs November 22 to December 28 at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center. Ticket info here.

Costume designs for "A Gift of Nothing."

Costume designs for “A Gift of Nothing.”

9 thoughts on “MUTTS To Play the Kennedy Center!

  1. I never really “got” Mutts, but I realize lots of people whose taste I admire feel the same way about it as I do about Pogo, or Calvin and Hobbs, or Cul de Sac.


  2. “Little Pink Sock!” I like the idea. Luckily the local squirrels don’t throw acorns at me.

  3. And yet Robert, many times, MUTTS has been profund, through its simplicity, by clarity of emotion, and storytelling!

  4. I know about the clarity and subtle points. But the basicness of it is a lot better than the forced humor of CATHY or MOMMA. Or whatever the hell GIL THORPE is about….today’s bonk was Shakespearian.

  5. Forgive one more note, but McDonnell just wrote this, for the MUTTS website:

    “Patrick wrote this special note to his readers on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, after the dress rehearsal of The Gift of Nothing Musical at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center.”

    Dear friends,

    It’s a special day. Today was the dress rehearsal for The Gift of Nothing at the Kennedy Center. And what a gift it is to see Mooch, Earl and other MUTTS characters come to life on the stage. If I say so myself, Nothing’s perfect.
    The cast is spectacular and each actor has really embodied my characters. The director, and co-author, Aaron Posner, is brilliant and Andy Mitton has composed a beautiful, touching score. (Yesh! Andy has created a Little. Pink. Sock. song which will forever play in my head when I draw Mooch with his little pink sock.) And the costume, set and lighting all creatively capture the spirit of the book. I am bursting with joy.
    The play runs through the holiday season (11/22 – 12/28). If you are in the D.C. area, I hope you can find the time to see the play. Nothing would make me happier.
    Here’s to a wonderful holiday season.
    Posted on: November 20, 2014

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