My Idea of a Spoiler-Free Star Trek Post

Loved the special effects in Star Trek: The Middle School Musical, a segment from The Mythical Show.

I’ve learned my lesson – this time I’m not going to reveal any spoilers about Spock’s singing. (Except it’s a musical, get it?)

And I won’t blab anything about the story line. Or about the three redshirts in the crew. Ooops.

[Via Gerry Williams.]

4 thoughts on “My Idea of a Spoiler-Free Star Trek Post

  1. Awesome.

    Rhett and Link are the same guys who did a song about a guy who was thrown off Facebook and had to stand on a street corner with his “about” information on a piece of paper to show random strangers.

    Here’s another example of their sheer genius:

    Thing is, I remember when every item in the video was new. I have gotten old.

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