NASFiC Kelly 2017?

“You did a blog post about a NASFiC for 2017 in the path of the eclipse,” remembers Joseph T. Major. [Want a Real Lights Out NASFiC?, June 2010.]

“Well, guess what! Hopkinsville, Kentucky has a big bash planned for that weekend. Little Green Men Day, commemorating the time the aliens visited Kentucky and well, er, never mind…”

No need to be shy, Joe. The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter is reportedly a favorite study of UFO enthusiasts:

The seven people present in the farmhouse claimed that they were terrorized by an unknown number of creatures similar to gremlins, which have since often been referred to as the “Hopkinsville Goblins” in popular culture. The residents of the farmhouse described them as around three feet tall, with upright pointed ears, thin limbs (their legs were said to be almost in a state of atrophy), long arms and claw-like hands or talons. The creatures were either silvery in color, or wearing something metallic.

Joe also promises, “For fantasy fans, there is Edgar Cayce’s grave in Riverside Cemetery. Of course, the facilities might be a little sparse, and filled up with eclipse watchers.”

1 thought on “NASFiC Kelly 2017?

  1. I read an account of the Hopkinsville encounter as a pre-teen, and it scared me sufficiently that I had to sleep with my bedroom light on that night.

    A quarter-century later, when I discovered my wife, Nila, had been born in Hopkinsville, I asked my father-in-law about it. He hadn’t seen the incident himself, but he had spoken with one of the men immediately afterward and the fast, scared pulse was visible in the man’s throat. Further, given that that family couldn’t afford running water in the house, they had no reason to shoot the glass out of windows or shoot holes in their walls with shotguns, being unable to pay for repairs. Harold didn’t know what it was which had scared them so badly, but believed they were telling the truth.

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