Neighborhood Council Opposes Monument Status for Ackerman Home

Ackerman mini mansion Russell

Site of the former Acker-Mini-Mansion.

Efforts to have Forrest J Ackerman’s former home at 4511-4513 Russell Avenue designated a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument received a setback when the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council voted to oppose the request at its January 19 meeting.

After selling the original Ackermansion in 2002, Ackerman moved himself and what remained of his legendary collection to the 4513 Russell Ave. address. He dubbed his new home the “Acker-Mini-Mansion.”

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council heard testimony from 45 stakeholders before voting. Seven members opposed the application, three favored it, and two voted to defer deciding.

The results of their vote will be passed on to the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC), which is expected to take up the application at its February 4 meeting. If the CHC supports the application, it will move to Los Angeles City Council, which then has 90 days to act.

4 thoughts on “Neighborhood Council Opposes Monument Status for Ackerman Home

  1. Rich Lynch: I don’t think anybody’s done anything about it. But then, there really hasn’t been that much public outcry here, either.

    You might also wonder whether anyone is looking into the status of Ray Bradbury’s other homes, which haven’t been torn down, and where he actually wrote most of the stories people have heard of.

  2. Ray’s parent’s rental home in Venice, 670 S. Venice Blvd., which was next to the power station, was torn down a number of years ago for an annex to the, L&M art gallery. In that garage Ray wrote most of what would become the Martian Chronicles among other short stories such as The Fog Horn. However, the apartment at 33 S. Venice Blvd., still stands. This was where Ray and his bride moved into.

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