Nelson Bond Collection on the Block

Quill & Brush is offering for sale a trove of Bradbury first editions owned by the late Nelson Bond, together with Bond’s correspondence with Bradbury, August Derleth, and Forrest Ackerman, a 10-year run of the Derleth Newsletter and miscellaneous other books and related material inscribed to Bond by various authors.

The asking price is $45,000.

A full description of the collection is here: Bond, Bradbury, Derleth, Ackerman: Nelson Bond Collection & Correspondence  [PDF file]:

There are a dozen typed letters signed by Bradbury. One of the earliest starts off rather fannishly:

February 15, 1949 “I don’t suppose you remember me….I met you at the NY Science Fiction Convention in 1939…a very good day…I was a Nelson Bond fiend…I’m afraid I did a bit of Bond imitating…”

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian and Michael J. Walsh for the story.]