4 thoughts on “New Godzilla Trailer

  1. Mike, if you haven’t seen the director’s previous film, MONSTERS, you should check it out. It’s a very low budget, very offbeat alien invasion movie that reminded me a bit of Tiptree.

  2. It strikes me that if you want to obliterate an entire unit of highly trained, expensively equipped Airborne troops, just lining them up in front of a firing squad would cost so much less than dropping them out of a C-17 in a HALO jump onto Godzilla’s back.

    Of course, ignoring that Godzilla would collapse of his own weight as his bones couldn’t support a creature massing that much, he couldn’t exist on today’s Earth any more than a Tyrannosaurus or an Apatosaurus (as large as they were, still much smaller than Godzilla) could, for the same reason 24-inch-long dragonflies couldn’t exist today: the oxygen content of the atmosphere is significantly less today than it was in the Mesozoic Era, preventing animals and insects that large from being able to survive. (That goes for any other Kaiju movie monsters as well, so forget Pacific Rim, Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, etc., too.)

    Since the movie stars Bryan Cranston, of course, Godzilla is the “one who knocks” down buildings.

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