New Members of SF Hall of Fame

James E. Gunn, Georges Méliès, John Schoenherr, and Kurt Vonnegut are the 2015 inductees to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame reports Locus Online.

This year’s Curator’s Selection is Jack Gaughan.

The induction ceremony will be June 27 in Seattle.

8 thoughts on “New Members of SF Hall of Fame

  1. Graham Charnock would like to announce submissions are now being accepted for the Graham Charnock SF Award. Stories will be expected to be literate and meaningful in a social or historical context, referring back to established traditions of literature (not necessary sf) involving things like characterization rather than plot. No stories involving colonization exploration or exploitation will be accepted. Winning submisisons will be published in Vibrator, The Focal Point Magazine of Science Fiction, and will be paid for according to the whim of the editor. But, hey, it’s not all about money, is it? It’s about Literature.

  2. The percentages of female inductees to the hall of fame does not appear to be anywhere near close to the level of the percentage of worthy writers that might have been or should be inducted based on contributions to the field. Over 75% men, to a quick count?

  3. Georges Méliès? Man. I’d have figured he’d have been in for quite some time. Halls of Fame are peculiar.

  4. This is the SF Hall of Fame that they took from Kansas and put in a fancy building in Seattle. After the museum didn’t sell well enough, eventually they pretty much shoved the whole thing in a closet. Now they are begging for money to bring James Gunn from Kansas to Seattle to be “honored” there. Because there isn’t enough money in multi-billionaire Paul Allen’s museum’s budget to cover that.

  5. It’s a long way from the woods of New Jersey (well, it was woods 40 years ago) and upper state New York to honor John Schoenherr and Jack Gaughan in Seattle.
    While never a great fan of Jack’s work, he was such a force from the 1960s to the years before his early death. John was an artist that always spoke to me, and when my girlfriend who worked at Little, Brown (his children’s book publisher) arranged for a group of us to visit him after a Philcon, to me, it was like being allowed to visit Olympus. Then, to be able to be the person to actually introduce John to Frank Herbert (at a Boskone), was the memory of a lifetime. Up to that point, even though Schoenherr and Dune were always spoken of in one breath, the two men had never met each other before.

  6. Mike, be cautious with your “James Gunn” tag. Wikipedia’s James Gunn disambiguation page lists nine James Gunns, of whom three might be of relevance to this esteemed journal.

    Your tag refers to Professor James Edwin Gunn of the University of Kansas, novelist, critic, and teacher, SFWA Grand Master, author of Alternate Worlds, The Listeners and The Immortals, born 1923. His books usually name him as “James Gunn.”

    James Edward Gunn, astronomer, is Eugene Higgins (!) Professor of Astronomy at Princeton University, born 1938, has been a prominent leader in his science for decades. Recent scientific papers list him as “J. E. Gunn.”

    James Gunn, filmmaker, whom I am tempted to call “Young Gunn,” born 1970, is perhaps best known for directing and co-writing Guardians of the Galaxy, which picked up a Nebula the weekend before last.

    If either of the other two Gunns does something tag-worthy, I presume you will work out a new unique tag. All I’m saying is that you should exercise caution when pointing Gunns, I mean, when pointing at Gunns.

  7. In a thematically-related tangent, this year’s Windycon features both Author Guest of Honor Christopher Moore and Artist Guest of Honor Christopher Moore, apparently because Steven Silver likes to mess with your mind.

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