New NASFiC Bid Valley Forge in 2017

The Valley Forge in 2017 bid for the 2017 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) has filed with MidAmeriCon II.

They propose to hold the con August 17-20 in eastern Pennsylvania at the Valley Forge Convention Center, with room blocks at the attached Radisson Hotel Valley Forge and Valley Forge Casino Resort Tower.

The bid committee consists of: Boss: Michael VanHelder; Vice­-Boss: Martha Harbison; Treasurer: Douglas McEachern; Secretary: Dr. Katie Rask; Kristina K. Hiner; Anna Fischer; Jill Friedman; Marguerite Smith; and Kyle Cassidy.

They are considering having a large number of guests of honor: Author GoH; YA Author GoH; Artist GoH; Media GoH; Music GoH; Fan GoH; Costuming GoH; Editor GoH; Science GoH; History GoH; Deceased President and Founding Father GoH.

There now are two filed NASFiC bids, the other being San Juan in 2017, co-chaired by Isabel Schechter and Pablo Vazquez.

3 thoughts on “New NASFiC Bid Valley Forge in 2017

  1. May I respectfully suggest that Bruce Dern be in the silent running for Media GoH at Valley Forge.

  2. I’m assuming they’re not planning to kill off 20% of the attendees, unlike the most famous gathering in Valley Forge.

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