New Reading Series Convenes in Arizona

The AZSF Reading Series launches at The Sip Coffee and Beer House in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 22 beginning at 7 p.m. The inaugural event will feature Tor Books authors Melinda Snodgrass, Jane Lindskold, and Victor Milan.

Organizer Lee Whiteside is taking inspiration from reading series in other parts of the country like Fantastic Fiction at KGB, the NYRSF Readings, Writers with Drinks, and Noir at the Bar.

AZSF and Whiteside are working in conjunction with The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, and the store’s calendar page has additional information.

The Sip Coffee and Beer House is located at 3617 N Goldwater Rd. in Scottsdale.

The AZSF Reading series will schedule more events in the near future.  If you would like to be kept up to date on upcoming Arizona author events (including future AZSF Readings), keep an eye on the AZSF Blog, the Facebook Page or email Lee Whiteside, at azsf42 (at) .

5 thoughts on “New Reading Series Convenes in Arizona

  1. Man, nothing tells you how out of touch with local fandom you’ve gotten like reading about a local Arizona event in a California-based blog.

    (Part of this comes from having to work weekends for the last several years.)

    But I’m glad to see something like this happening in our area. And it’s even on a weekday (!), so Hilde and I will be there, barring unforeseen circumstance.

  2. Bruce,

    I figured that this is more of a national news site and with File770 having recently talked about the NYRSF Reading Series that having Mike post about it here would be a good way to get the word out. There should also be a mention in the Arizona Republic on Sunday and I’ll be doing some additional promoting on social media as the week goes on.

    And, I’ve found that it is sometimes easier to reach locals via sites like this than via local promotion.

  3. Lee, there’s that. While I’ve got your attention, what happened to this year’s Coppercon? It seems to have gone poof, but I can’t find any kind of announcement. Also, has Connotations (which was my major source for local fan news) stopped publishing? I sent an email to the site about six weeks ago asking about both, but never got a response.

  4. Lee,

    For what is it worth – I would not have heard of it if it was not posted here. (not on time to try to rearrange schedule to try to be there anyway).

  5. Bruce,

    CopperCon is not happening this year and may return in 2016. Its parent organization, CASFS, is pretty low on funds. They had some website issues which has left the web site pretty barren. Connotations pretty much ended due to costs after the editor that took it over moving over to The WOD ( They did continue with a four page ConNotations supplement for a year which was then dropped. If you do to look back at the web site, you can see some of the final issues of ConNotations.

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