New Sasquan Membership Totals

Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon, has updated its membership numbers through March 31.

There are 5,466 total members, which includes 3,240 attending and 1,948 supporting.

This compares to the figures reported as of January 31 as shown:

Sasquan Total Members
1/31/2015 4,952
3/31/2015 5,466
Increase 514


Adult Attending Members
1/31/2015 2,950
3/31/2015 3,240
Increase 290


Supporting Members
1/31/2015 1,765
3/31/2015 1,948
Increase 183

Note: my January numbers came from the committee but were slightly different than the published Sasquan number on that date.

10 thoughts on “New Sasquan Membership Totals

  1. Not possible. Ever try to saddle a rabid dog? My point is beyond that: Worldcon is going to make a lot of money this year…and even more the next.

  2. Lessee, 1948 Supporting memberships at $40 a head is a whopping….

    $78,000 (well, $77,920. Let’s round up).

    Worldcon budgets are in the million dollar range. So in raw numbers, this is a whopping 8%. And there are expenses associated with it, such as printing and mailing out the souvenir book (postage has been raised in recent years to make doing this for non-US members pretty expensive).

    Not to mention that as a one-shot non-profit (each Worldcon is a separate organization; yeah, sites that repeatedly hold them tend to keep an org around, but it’s unknown is Spokane or the organizing group will ever hold another Worldcon), any surplus has to go to appropriate associated with the literary nature of the non-profit charities. No one’s making money off Sasquan.

  3. Enough! A Worldcon might end up with sufficient funds when it’s all over to pay it’s bills, refund some (or all) of it’s members membership fees and then pass along remaining funds to future seated Worldcons, but this constant “oh… the Worldcon is gonna make sooo much money” line is growing old.

    Been there, done it, saw the monthly treasurer’s report. Almost every Exec Committee sweats bullets until we hit the break even point. Then we start looking at how to use the money to continue helping future Worldcons.

    Great it right or get over it.

  4. The financial reports are available online for most Worldcons.

    And available for anyone who has an interest in the facts.

    Thank you for making my point!

  5. That’s cute, Ed. You assume I am not familiar with the financial reports of the Worldcons. More anon.

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