New Zealand Worldcon Bid Locking In Regional Help

NZ2020_logo_0The NZ in 2020 Worldcon bid has announced that it can only continue if they get around 200 commitments by December 5 from people willing to work the con.

We are delighted to have anyone volunteer because WorldCons are always multinational and have people from pretty much every continent working on them. But this main push is for New Zealand and Australian fans. Because it’s crucial to have those people on the ground…

If we don’t get enough people in New Zealand and Australia willing to commit, then we will not be able to continue with the bid.

“Think of it as a people-based Kickstarter,” they say, a clever turn of phrase.

The whole appeal is filled with lighthearted responses to obvious points of resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Yikes! Six years ahead? I don’t know if:
a) I’ll be in the country
b) I’ll be married to Claudia Schiffer by then
c) I plan to join a cult
d) I’ll be destitute and living in a cardboard box under Grafton Bridge.

So, can you help us now, while you are still planning your stalking, sorry, courting, of Ms Schiffer? You can help now or at the convention or both, six years is plenty of warning. With the magic of the internet and those wonderful inventions called aircraft, you can be on the other side of the world and still be a part of this. In fact many of our US and UK friends have offered to help out already, they would love to see our bid succeed.