Nina Horvath To Be TAFF Candidate

Nina Horvath of Vienna will be in the next Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race. TAFF co-administrator Jim Mowatt made the announcement on Facebook.

She is the second person to join the field, Wolf von Witting having declared in September.

Horvath is a frequent contributor to Europa SF, the English-language European sf news site. Her mother tongue is German. She has over two dozen published short stories, and Horvath’s“Die Duftorgel” won the 2012 Deutscher Phantastik Preis for the best fantastic short story.

She also has edited several short story collections: Metamorphosen – Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts, Darwins Schildkröte, and Die Schattenuhr which won the 2012 Vincent Preis for the best horror anthology.

(Isn’t “Vincent Preis” the perfect name for a horror genre award? Jack Harness’ name for fannish bilingual puns was “Berlitzkrieg.”)

7 thoughts on “Nina Horvath To Be TAFF Candidate

  1. Yes, I suspect Jim blabbing was not part of your plan. But I’m glad you’re in the race.

  2. It’s possible that Jack Harness coined “Berlitzkreig”, but my fading memory has it that Bruce Pelz used it — and practiced it — much more often, and I thought he had coined it.

  3. I bet we all were present in the APA-L room at the Overland Park playground when Jack and Bruce first kicked that around. Perhaps your memory is correct — could be I’m remembering Jack playing off of Bruce’s idea. Or it may be Jack came up with the word and Bruce codified the definition.

  4. I am happy to have Nina Horvath in the race. I consider her a friend and wish her the best of luck in the race. She is younger, better looking and easier to like, so I am confident she will get plenty of votes. None of the points I wanted to make are ruined if she wins. This is good news!

  5. I think the same way – Wolf is a great contra-candidate! In fact it is like two friends playing soccer against each other. Of course everyone wants to win, but this does not make them enemies.
    So I am looking forward to a very exciting race!

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