Nina Horvath Wins TAFF

The 2015 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund winner is Nina Horvath of Austria. She outpolled Wolf von Witting in a tight race. According to TAFF co-administrator Jim Mowatt:

One featured more strongly in Europe and the other was the  North American favourite. Both easily passed the twenty per cent test and both were impeccably behaved throughout.

The final count was so incredibly close that I had absolutely no idea who was going to win until the last few votes were counted….

Many commiserations go to Wolf von Witting. He came within a gnat’s whisker of victory. I do hope he runs again and I wish him all the best in a future race.

4 thoughts on “Nina Horvath Wins TAFF

  1. I assume the actual numbers will shortly be announced? It’s unusual for the winner to be announced without the full numbers at the same time. It also makes one wonder *why*, since since one has to have counted all the number to get the final result, they wouldn’t be released at the same time. I’m having trouble even imagining a reason, but there’s surely a good one.

  2. I share Gary’s interest in knowing just how thick that “gnat’s whisker” was.

  3. Jim Mowatt has now released that info. Both Jim and myself have jobs, my friends, and our employers expect us both to actually work at them and not sit around and indulge in fanac all day, and we had stayed up rather late last night finalizing the election. Gary, I admire your interest in the inner workings of TAFF given that you didn’t *vote* in the TAFF election. All the voters, by the way, will be receiving a very detailed report from Jim and myself via e-mail. That will include Mike Glyer, who voted, who might publish it here. If you would like to be added to that list, Gary, may I suggest that you make a contribution to TAFF? You have my contact info…

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