Noory Boots Brom From Coast To Coast

Krampus the Yule Lord

Brom, artist and author of Krampus the Yule Lord, told his Facebook followers that he was kicked off George Noory’s radio show last night.

Well, now that’s a feather in my cap. Seems I weirded out George Noory on Coast to Coast so bad he kicked me off the air. Apparently he is disturbed by children being tormented in folktales. Seems that being the case, he would have done just a touch of research before having me on to talk about Krampus. For the record, I do have a very dark sense of humor, but I am a father and am very aware of the difference of fairytales and real life, something George does not seem to understand. Even so, it is the over the top horribleness of Krampus that I dearly love.

…Funny thing is, I was so nervous and focusing so hard on just trying to get through the show, that I didn’t even clue in that he was offended until he hung up on me. I just kept wondering where these odd questions were coming from. I wanted to talk about Krampus’s rich and colorful folklore, not real life infant deaths – geesh.

Laurie Lee Brom, also an artist, said:

So for those of you who missed the shenanigans last night, Brom was HUNG UP ON by George Noory on Coast to Coast! Noory clearly hadn’t taken even two minutes to prep for the show and had NO idea about Krampus. Displaying brilliant interviewing skills, the show asked Brom to provide the questions to ask so Noory didn’t need to do anything at all but be a host to the invited guest. Apparently UFO abductions are fine for airplay, but ancient myths of kids being thrown in a sack of a mythological beast were just too “Halloweenie” for George, who abruptly hung up on Brom. It’s all so hilarious and infuriating at once. Through it all Brom did great. Here’s link to the show.

You can listen to the segment here– Select October 28, 10:20 p.m. (Which you can’t literally do, but if you set it for 10 p.m. you can advance the recording for that hour to where you want to start by using the red bar.)

[Thanks to Arnie Fenner for the story.]

15 thoughts on “Noory Boots Brom From Coast To Coast

  1. The tales collected by the Brothers Grimm had one basic task: scare the kids to the point they would not go into the woods and get lost. Sadly, Disney has watered them down to “cute”.

    We need an urban version “Grim Tales”.

  2. Noory is such a girly-boy. I thought the Krampus bit was funny. Ever read Grimms’ Fairy Tales? Those stories were frightening… Noory needs to spend less time as a TV star and more time on “show prep”. Art Bell had far more class than Noory.

  3. I found George Noory’s reaction to Gerald Brom’s subject matter on Krampus completely surprising. This topic is in essences folk lore much like what the tales of the Brothers Grimm are all about. George obviously did no prep work whatsoever for this show. Gerald Brom’s behavior on C2CAM was absolutely nothing like that of Joshua Abraham from a few weeks ago and did not deserve to be kicked off like that.

  4. I was listening to the show, and thought it was the perfect topic for just before Halloween. I was becoming more and more puzzled as George got more upset at you for simply talking about the mythology of that evil creature. And was shocked when you disappeared and he went to open lines.

    Why would he even have you on if he did not want to talk about “unpleasant acts” that evil characters do in lore? Please, nobody ever tell Noory that story about what that Pharaoh in Egypt did to a lot of babies back then. He will permaban you.

  5. George Nory is an obvious fake, with little interviewing skills.

    If the questions aren’t written down for him he won’t know what to say!
    He is the WORST!!!

  6. Gus Bode on October 29, 2015 at 7:14 pm said:
    Noory is such a girly-boy. …

    I beg your pardon. You may wish to rethink your insults.

  7. I have to say Mr Noory really embarrassed himself last night. Not only showing his total unprepardedness for his show but also as someone who claims to let people speak their minds.

    Anyone who was listening could tell that Brom was nervous and was not promoting the drowning of children, he was merrily telling a story of old folklore.

    As an avid coast to coast listener I have noticed from time to time when Mr Noory isn’t listening to his guest and just *phoning it in * but just hanging up on a guest without even maybe trying to explain to them that he wasn’t going to continue the interview just shows a total lack of class.

    For shame Mr Noory, for shame…

  8. Listening to that broadcast I kind of hear how it went off the rails, actually. Brom talks enthusiastically about how Krampus beats children and throws them in the river in sacks and how there are Krampus festivals in real life in Europe where young men dress up in Krampus costumes and run around hitting people with birch switches for fun and are very aggressive about it and seem to take it very seriously, and how Krampus festivals are starting up in the US and he thinks they’re going to spread, and how there’s a religious element to it, and how he got into Krampus because vintage Christmas cards show Krampus beating and kidnapping children and molesting buxom young women–and the whole consent part of the Krampus festival (if there is one) never comes in for a mention, nor does any adults only limitation as far as the hitting goes…

    Um, yeah, I see how that went off the rails. I’m perfectly willing to assume good will on Brom’s part and that he was thinking all that stuff about consent and adults only, and how Krampus began in a different time with different attitudes that aren’t acceptable today in his head, you know, but somehow it didn’t make it out to the microphone, and I get why someone would be disturbed.

  9. @Cat: I’m with you on this one. There’s a sense of discomfort in the whole thing, and the bit where Noory talks about the child who died, and Brom just goes right on with his enthusiastic spiel… you can see it derailing right there.

    OTOH, nobody comes out of this looking great. The interviewer should probably have been expecting some of the dark humor, and could have maybe not been so clueless about other people’s traditions. And Brom’s laughter seemed to me like a mix of “I’m being ironic and edgy here” and that nervous snickering some people do when they talk. You would think a radio host would have found was to deal with that. Or he could have engaged.

  10. Susana,

    Yes, I agree that probably either one of them could have headed it off. Brom by being more clear about what was folklore and what was really happening in the real world, and the host by asking Brom to be clear about the distinction.

  11. Peace Is My Middle Name on October 30, 2015 at 2:38 am said:

    Gus Bode on October 29, 2015 at 7:14 pm said:
    Noory is such a girly-boy. …

    I beg your pardon. You may wish to rethink your insults.

    Thank you – my reaction exactly.

  12. Georgie is a mediocre interviewer at best. The Onus was on Mr. Taint to actually spend even 2 minutes on Wikipedia researching it. Go on google and search for it, easy. Instead in his typical smug, dismissive way, he faults the guest for laughing. I am a father. The absurdity of the story was funny.
    Was is not also Georgie boy who two nights ago said he found Satanic ritual abuse of children “fascinating”?
    Can we all say it together now. “HYP-POC-RISY”.
    I loved and respected and even had the opportunity to speak with him at length in person. The man I met and respected for showing me new avenues of thought is not the same man who blames a guest for his stupidity. Even Art Bell refuses to be associated with Coast in any way. That should tell you something.
    Check out with John B Wells if you want to hear a professional. He even let some cracker call Grif “Boy” that racial slur was acceptable. Hmm and all these years I thought folks were being racist when they called me “red bone”. Sad days indeed.

  13. I have been a listener since 1993. I was absolutely appalled by his reaction to your stories. F him. Seriously. He has ruined c2c…

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