Now That’s What I Call Action

I’ll never see again the VCR thieves took from my old apartment in Van Nuys – though if I do, it certainly won’t have gone up in value.

So let me say that actor Nicholas Cage is doubly lucky that his copy of Action Comics #1, stolen in 2000, has turned up in an abandoned storage locker in LA. And the comic’s value has grown by leaps and bounds since he last saw it — one sold not long ago for $1.5 million.

Cage’s copy was discovered by the person who purchased the abandoned storage locker at auction. Never can tell what you’ll find in those. I know Marty Cantor once discovered a carefully-wrapped murder victim in one of those lockers, while he was working for U-Haul. 
[Thanks to Bill Higgins for the story.]

1 thought on “Now That’s What I Call Action

  1. Nicholas Cage? Wasn’t he the dude with the pointy chin who wanted to play Superman (with a square chin)? I guess that’s why he bought the Action Comic — research. Bet he deducted it from his taxes, too.

    Personally, I could think of a lot of foolish ways to spend $1.5 million, but buying a primative comic that I could get a perfectly good reprint of isn’t one of them.

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