OMNI Is Back

Omni Magazine has reappeared on newsstands, now published by Penthouse Global Media Inc. in Los Angeles, with editor-in-chief Pamela Weintraub and fiction editor Ellen Datlow.

Nancy Kress has a time travel story in the debut issue, “Every Hour of Light and Dark.”

The magazine is on a new schedule, as Ellen Datlow explained on Facebook:

It’s a quarterly continuation of the original. We actually published two all reprint issues in 2016 and have had an active website for several years (with reprints from the original OMNI). We’ve got a new website we’ll be rolling out soon, with reprints and some material from the new print issues.

Last night Jim Freund interviewed OMNI editors Pamela Weintraub, Ellen Datlow, Robert Karl, Johannes Killheffer, and Corey Powell on his WBAI 99.5 FM show Hour of the Wolf. Click the link to hear the program.

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

8 thoughts on “OMNI Is Back

  1. Good! I loved the old one for the fiction and the cartoons. I had the overwhelming majority of the issues until a move some years ago, when I decided they were just too bulky to keep lugging around and parted with them, very reluctantly. I have a lot of the fiction in reprint in the various Omni collections and author collections and so on. I’ll probably subscribe.

  2. What that cover says to me is “I picked a font that does not have the U+0027 (apostrophe) symbol”

    Seriously, IT(missing symbol box)S? In hardcopy? Copy editing really is dead.

  3. That’s … weird; I can’t imagine a font without one of the basic symbols, which suggests that it got typed as something else (minute symbol, maybe?) that the font didn’t support. I’m not sure the copy editor can be blamed — do they get shown the cover text? — but some graphics/art person should have noticed, even if the problem happened in the transfer to the printer. (Maybe nobody looks at printer proofs any more?)

  4. How is it possible that they were able to render “Rózalski” (with dot over “z” that I can’t show here) correctly, but couldn’t get “it’s” right?

  5. I’m not sure the copy editor can be blamed — do they get shown the cover text?

    Well, in my own experience, not always… When I was a long-distance contract copyeditor for Meisha Merlin Publishing, during the first effort to publish the Virginia Edition in 2005-07, I offered from the outset to look at spine and cover copy but was politely turned down (even though I was responsible for every word inside the covers). Naturally, volume 3 ended up with STARSHIP TROOPER on the spine as well as on the dust jacket. MMP promised its (dozens of) VE subscribers that it would reprint the book with correct spine and jacket after the final volumes were in print, but went belly-up after six volumes.

  6. Yeah, I have a physical copy that I bought last weekend and it was fixed before going to print.

    The Gibson interview is weak*, but I’m liking the Maureen McHugh story so far (I haven’t finished reading it yet; keep getting interrupted). Haven’t had a chance to look at anything else yet.

    *Questions were not great and largely cover ground he’s already been asked about in other interviews for many month.

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