Our Amazing Future

Steve Davidson’s next upgrade to the Amazing Stories site is likely to be an event calendar listing conventions, readings, classes etc. There is a fan who knows something about building the base!

Meanwhile the Amazing blog offers something new every day.

Mike Brotherton has a very clever post about How To Host A Big Bang Theory Party.

Coincidentally, I saw his name earlier today on Technorati when I was looking at the rankings trying to understand why my blog scores much better in the realm of Comics (336th) than Books (827th). Brotherton was leading the “Top 10 Fallers” list for having lost the most Books Authority points – but his blog remains among the Top 100 in the category, with five times more Books Authority points than File 770.

I hope people will take Leah Zeldes’ advice about preserving fanhistorical material in their possession. One thing she recommends is —

If you don’t want to do the work yourself, there are tons of fans out there willing to help. Most notably, the Florida Association for Nucleation And Conventions (F.A.N.A.C.), Inc., has a wonderful collection of scanned photos and printed materials and a small but dedicated cadre of volunteers devoted to putting things online.