Participate in the Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll Nominations

The flash nomination phase for the 2021 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll began today and continues until January 26 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The top five go onto the final round in February.

Editor Neil Clarke invites readers to celebrate their favorite Clarkesworld cover art and stories. He says you don’t need to have read everything, just vote for what you love. “At worst, you can just look at the twelve covers and say which of those spoke to you the most. Takes all of a couple minutes, tops!”

The link to the poll is:

Clarke has listed the eligible stories and art here.

3 thoughts on “Participate in the Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll Nominations

  1. Checking in here so I remember to participate. I already have a story in mind to nominate. (Yes, it would be The Cold Calculations.)

    What other stories do my fellow Pixelites suggest?

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