Patrick H. Adkins (1948-2015)

By Guy H. Lillian III: Patrick H. Adkins, New Orleans author and lifelong Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, has passed away.  His books included Lord of the Crooked Paths (1987), Master of the Fearful Depths (1989), Sons of the Titans (1990), and The Third Beast (2011), plus a volume of previously uncollected Edgar Rice Burroughs short stories collected by himself and John H. Guidry and a booklet of David H. Keller stories, The Last Magician.  He was once editor of the New Orleans SF Association’s genzine, Nolazine.  He is survived by wife Dixie, a son, a daughter, and friends without number, including me, all of whom are devastated by this horrible, horrible news.

Rosy and I send our love and best hopes to Dixie, their kids, and John, who had been friends with his fellow Burroughs-o-phile since 1964.  Modern New Orleans fandom dates from two events in that year: John’s meeting with Justin Winston at a French Quarter bookstore, and his first phone encounter with Pat, a four-hour conversation that really, had no end until this past Tuesday.

Pat was a gentleman, a scholar, and a fast friend.

6 thoughts on “Patrick H. Adkins (1948-2015)

  1. I knew Pat for close to fifty years.This is a great loss to me and New Orleans Fandom.

  2. Was he also a fanartist? I think I recall seeing hand-stencilled illos signed Adkins.

  3. No, writer, publisher, editor, book dealer. Fan of ERB, Old.Time Radio, SF, etc.


  4. So sorry to hear of this loss. He was legend by the time I entered New Orleans fandom and has remained so. My condolences to his family and friends.


  5. Mike
    It was suggested that the artist in the family (wife Dixie) may have done some illos like you asked about.

    Thankyou Linda. The family is watching this site along with the rest of the Internet as comments are posted. (waving hand to Alisha, Alex, Adam and Dixie)

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