Patrick Stewart Carries Olympic Torch

Trek Today has video of Patrick Stewart carrying the Olympic torch through Croydon on July 23.

(Did they match him with Croydon because of its many science fictional associations — home to Doctor Who’s companion Sarah Jane Smith, for many years the residence of Darth Vader actor David Prowse, and still the headquarters of Banana Wings’ Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer?)

I saw the torch relay pass through Hollywood one night before the 1984 Olympics. Had goosebumps, caught up in the emotion of the moment. Also remember during that season they illuminated the Hollywood sign’s white letters in an array of colors.

7 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart Carries Olympic Torch

  1. I actually held the 1984 Olympic Torch when it ran up the El Camino in Santa Clara. It was awesome and there’s a picture of me holding it… though my eyes are closed!

  2. I saw a video on the web of a fan on his knees at a convention proposing to his girlfriend. As she cried and said “Yes,” the fan behind the camera pulled back, revealing that this took place in front of Patrick Stewart’s autograph table. Sir Patrick took a hand of both of them in his hands, joined their hands together, and said “Engaged.”

  3. And after the riot that took place, a bruised reporter commenting on the audiences reaction said the pun made them “enraged.”

  4. I dislike dealing with you, Taral, ever since the deliberate insult you paper-mailed to me without provocation, but from this viewpoint, you’re acting as a jerk, perhaps under the illusion that this will make you an interesting curmudgeon. If that’s the case, it isn’t working. You just look as if you’re acting as stated.

    Mike may be of different opinion, and it’s his website, but based on whatever credibility I have here, I would politely ask that you stop raining on other peoples’ parades all the time, and that if you have nothing constructive to add, please add that lack of constructivity in another conversation on another site.

    I saw that video, you didn’t. Everyone there was pleased by the line, and I’m certain that the couple found themselves privileged to have their union blessed by a man whose work they so admired.

  5. Each to his own taste, David, but we are surrounded by people we don’t take a shine to and live with it. “From my point of view” is a perspective that I seem to be share with at least some other people, who have said that I *do* amuse them. But, as one Roman playwright said, (I’ll translate so as not to seem more intellectual than I am), “I only tell you what I heard. Jupiter himself can’t please everybody.”

    As for an insult I mailed you without provocation, I have no memory of it or what would inspire me to write it. How long ago did that happen? Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be insulting. Maybe it’s time you stopped dwelling on it.

  6. This isn’t the first time someone “had no memory” of committing a nasty, unwarranted abuse of my good will, so I’m not surprised that you claim it. It’s the “in” thing to do when called on it.

    I’ve been polite to you, but I see no more need. Go to Hell. *plonk*

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