Patrick Stewart Lands in Knight Club

You’ll be calling him Sir Patrick Stewart after the ceremony. The Queen’s New Year’s Honours list will upgrade the actor to a knighthood, according to a report in Britain’s Mirror.

As part of the year 2001 awards, Stewart received an OBE or Order of the British Empire. The status of these honors descends from knighthood to CBE, MBE and OBE. Knights use the title Sir, and those awarded the British Empire titles may use the letters after their names.

(Research never seems to prevent me from making mistakes¬†about the Queen’s honours, so stand by for corrections in three, two, one…)

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

One thought on “Patrick Stewart Lands in Knight Club

  1. That’s basically correct. There are higher honours in the Order of the British Empire than the CBE, which do carry knighthoods. But though the article doesn’t say what kind of knighthood Stewart is getting, most likely based on past precedent he’ll be knighted outside the OBE system.

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