Peter Pan, for Better or Verse

Allison Williams in Peter Pan.

Allison Williams in Peter Pan.

James H. Burns provides a rhyming review of last night’s live telecast of Peter Pan.

I once had dreamz of neverland,
Weaned on Martin and Disneyland.
I thrilled to Rigby’s ampersand,
The best of all the Peter Pans.

But this is not a charming tale,
With angles awry, and notes that flail.
I think that I will soon set sail,
For better dreams, that do not pale!

++ James H. Burns

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3 thoughts on “Peter Pan, for Better or Verse

  1. Allison Williams is 26.

    Mary Martin was 41 when she played Peter Pan on Broadway and 47 when she did her last tv version.

    Cathy Rigby first played the role at 22, but continued to perform as Peter, touring off and on, until she was 61 (!) .

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