Philip K. Dick’s Life in Comics

PKD would have loved it — NBM Graphic Novels released Philip K. Dick, A Comics Biography on January 1.

Philip K. DICK: A Comics Biography

Laurent Queyssi, writer, Mauro Marchesi, art

One of the greatest writers in SF history, Philip K. Dick is mostly remembered for such works as Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall. His dark fascinating work centered on alternate universes and shifting realities in worlds often governed by monopolistic corporations and authoritarian governments. His own life story seems a tussle with reality, going through five wives and becoming increasingly disjointed with fits of paranoia and hallucinations fueled by abuse of drugs meant to stabilize him. His dramatic story is presented unvarnished in this biography.

NBM has a sample page online where Dick is in conversation with Harlan Ellison about Dangerous Visions.

7 thoughts on “Philip K. Dick’s Life in Comics

  1. God, I just hate it when Dick’s work is said to be exemplified by movie adaptations that have not very much to do with what he wrote. As though, for example, he created Douglas Quaid of Total Recall and not Douglas Quail of “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”

    Plus, they can’t spell Roddenberry right?

  2. That looks unpromising, at least in terms of the dialogue.

    I really hope it doesn’t hurt the publishing prospects of the book Zak Sally has been working on for some time, working title Pink Light. Sally is a really interesting cartoonist and it seems like a passion project for him; the bits I’ve seen are nothing like the kind of bland biographical “As you know, Phil…” stuff shown above.

  3. @Kip: Thanks. Well, that looks somewhat different from the first page, at least. The writing still has a checking-off-items-from-Wikipedia quality but I’m curious about where they’re going with it.

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